Feedback on my tycoon

I made a tycoon and I think its pretty good. Is there anything I should add?

Any feedback is helpful

Ok , so I tried your game and I want to cover a few points . First of all , the environment is very empty , like they aren’t much things , secondly , I do observed a few free models like the fountain etc. Also , you may have used Zednov’s Tycoon Kit because your tycoons looks similar to that (I aint’t criticising) . Also , there must be some Cash UI which will help players see their cash without opening leaderboards , especially who are on mobile. That’s all I want to convey , I didn’t played much because not as a developer , but as a player , they might want to leave because the first impression isn’t good . You should make this game awarding also , like at a particular event , give them some cash or something like that . Also , the game seemed more like a fighting game because of swords , like in a tycoon , I don’t think there should be a purpose of it , because rather than building tycoons , players just fight with each other . So these are some of my feedbacks. Thanks !

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