Feedback on my UGC application item

hi!! i just wanted some feedback on this item i made for my ugc application!!

thank u





also roblox doesnt currently allow transparent meshes so yes the lace is weird

It’s not that original but I really love it. The aesthetic is amazing! Keep up the amazing work and I hope you get in :wink:

thank you! this will be my 4th time applying so i really hope i get in lol

Oh rip. Good luck <3333

I will definitely buy your items if you get in

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The 4th time? The item looks amazing, why didn’t they accept you in?

i have no idea i really hope i get in this time but going off of the last 3 times they probably wont

My friend would probably buy this :+1:

Is it possible for you to change the pink to be a bit more pinkish? If you can’t it doesn’t matter.

Great work!

yes i can do that! i doubt i will get in tho but maybe in the fall application i might

You could be lucky and they might let you in… Good luck!

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