Feedback On My UGC hair concepts!

Hey! Here are my most recent UGC concepts!

Wrap Around Dutch Braid

@SugarCoffee123 UGC item!

Long Simple Hair

Thank you!


I dont understand the first one because when i search ‘dutch braid’ on google i see pictures like this:

and the first one doesnt really look like that what does that mean?


I like the long hair, I was wondering what you did to make the curve parts connect to the top of the head without looking too strange, been trying to work on hair as well


I agree. Actualy for me, the “dutch-braid” looks more like a designed hair band for the hair

@aesturr But nice hair designs. Looking good!

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Thank you! :))) It means a lot!

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I edit the vertices in edit mode when they are in mesh format after wards and merge the middle vertices too!

Its just the style of braid i thought it was but thank you for telling me! :))