Feedback on my UI design

Hey, I’m Evan.
I’m creating a game called Social Hub with is centered around hanging out with adventure aspects to the game such as badge hunts, quests, and gaining money for cosmetics.

  • Note that the shop icon in the bottom-right hasn’t been redone yet, ignore it.

I’d like to achieve a simplistic style ui as this game isn’t centered around the UI.

Here’s what the UI looks like:

Thanks for the feedback everyone!

Here are the redesigned UIs:

If you still have feedback for this new design, please reply!


Thats a bit of a large margin between the gold and the robux amount, while the coins are very close to the top. It feels a little unbalanced. I would move the gold down a bit. Other than that it looks good!


Here’s what I saw first.
The X should be rounded at the top right corer with the same edge size as the rest of the UI

the $4.99 is way too close to the edge, I would suggest padding the sides a little but so it’s not as close

I think you should match the sizing and shape of the twitter button to the radio and volume button.

I’m not sure if this would look good but instead try a transparent background with a black + sign.

Other than that I think it looks great!

Well just like @florasonata said the robux and coin difference is pretty large you could also remove the / for the vip lounge.

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Actually, your UI is looking overall good and spectacular!
Though I wouldn like to make a recommendation on its colors, the colors of your UI is white and gray on-top it would really look a little bit boring.
I prefer you add some lively colors in it like light green or light blue depending on what the game is based!
In all, as I said you really did a spectacular job and hope you continue making this UI! I really appreciate it because of the professional appearance of your UI!

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There are some inconsistencies with your User Interface.

The “Shop” button is transparent, but many of the other components of the interface are not transparent.

There is a lot of space that is taken up for the coin label on the bottom left of the corner. You can compress this to save more room for the end user, which gives them more visual breathing room. Along with that, the Shop does not seem to align with the coin label on the left side of the screen. It seems to be a different size and slightly moved up.

All of your User Interface components are rounded, except for the Quests, the + sign, and the X sign. I’d recommend making all of these components rounded to further proceed in visual consistencies.

I do enjoy the direction that you are heading with your User Interface, it just needs some work to be done, but I do believe you can spice it up and make it look great!

Thanks for the other feedback

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I absolutely love the design, there are 2 things I would tweak, the first thing is the distance between the gold and the robux as @florasonata said. The second thing is rounding the close button and more as a square.

Very clean and professional design. I’d have to agree with others it’d probably take this up a notch by moving the gold closer to the purchase buttons. :slight_smile: