Feedback on my UI for my game

Hello devs! I need feedback on the UI in my game.

Feedback that I’d like to see :smiley::


alright here i put it in a pros and cons list to make it neat


alright so first of all i like how simplistic it looks, you did a good job on that. i also like the fact that you used icons because it seems like you are a beginner in UI design.
you also didn’t just put 1 - 2 buttons for you to actually use, i like how you took the time to think of buttons to make your game more interactive and not just a copy of every other tower obby type game.
you also made the buttons not in the way of the movement stick, which makes it easier for players to move, especially on mobile.
you didn’t just guess the color of the buttons and actually stuck to one hex, which doesn’t seem like a lot, but you’ll be surprised with how many games actually do that, mainly because it’s a small detail.


the layout is very spread out, which looks unethical. try using top bar plus, it gives a more professional look to the player and doesn’t get in the way, like the shop. if you’re worried about not having enough color in your UI, you can actually use color. the color itself is really flat and doesn’t have anything special about it (e. g; gradients, tweening, etc) and just makes it look more rushed and not pleasant to the user
speaking of there being nothing special about this, wheres the variety? there’s no way to distinguish this UI from any other game so it looks like you followed a tutorial.


yeah, I’m a beginner when it comes to UI design. Thank you for your feedback, I’ll be reviewing the cons and try to implement some changes! :smiley:

maybe try to make the buttons the same size? I cant really stand having these buttons like the spectate button so small and the update log too, meanwhile the codes button is massive… Although the shop buttons are neatly placed. Its not the most convinient because you could accidentally tap it while moving, move it somewhere else maybe?

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Thank you for your feedback. I’ll take these changes into consideration! :smiley:

The UI is alright. It’s way too small and far apart from each other though, you should make each button way bigger and closer together.

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Thx for the feedback! :smiley:

While a player is moving on mobile the shop button isn’t a problem because I have UI hover on all of my UI, so it’ll just hover on the UI :+1:

I took a lil break from the game but so far I added gradient to the UI

Can I have some feedback on my new settings ui (still adding more things in the settings)

I think you should use padding, as well as add a bit more colour (unless you want to keep it simple)

For the Hide players button:
And maybe adding a tinge of red/green for the toggle (to indicate), and also removing the “/” (slash) character as it doesnt look right

(english isnt my first language, mb)

i meant to type Hide Players oops, thx for pointing that out