Feedback on my UI

I would make this as an attachment but the image is blurry when doing so.


The part catalog will be collapsable.
Part catalog purpose - Will allow users to place blocks on exchange for gold.

How is it? Any feedback?

Too many different colors. It gets distracting.

The colors in the Player list represent clan colors.

I can change it so when they hover over the catalog buttons it changes to that color

Changed the color scheme a little.

Made all textlabels the same text color and stroke color.
Changed all buttons transparency to .5

EDIT: This is also my first time creating a custom leaderboard.

For your leaderboard, make it so it only shows as many rows as there are players. Having empty spaces just looks odd.

empty spaces take up unnecessary space

The text is kinda hard to read. TextStrokeTransparency to 0.87 pls.

A script will take care of that. :stuck_out_tongue:
They are all visible to show a preview.