Feedback On My UI

I was bored so I decided to create a simple UI and thought I might as well just show it here and get some feedback on how much this UI could cost (in value) I am a middle-expierenced UI Designer but I didnt use all my talent into this I just thought I would make a basic UI to show to you guys.


Looks good! Although you might want to add an outline for just a tad bit of depth.

Nice job!

I like the ideas you’ve put into this! I would just consider adding some UIStroke items to add more depth.

If you are looking to keep improving your UI, check out information on:

  • UI Visual Hierarchy
  • Depth and readability
  • Standard contrast levels (ie. for buttons vs text)
  1. Cost:
  • Free
  1. Feedback:
    This is an eyesore… the use of UICorners is terrible, nothing is centered, the bboxes in the middle arent even consistent, the colour use is… terrible and the spacing is inconsistent.

Make the UI more square, change the colour scheme, use proper spacing, look at other UI designs and start from the beginning

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Your image should be round as the frame has round corners
Change Credits and Boosts text color as the shop’s style or add red and purple colors
Make text ‘Amazing’ and ‘Yummy’ into half-visible one or just add outlines
Make frames a bit small and add Scrolling frame so when you will make another candies your frame will have more places to insert
And put frame with button on center of the frame and if you want, make the frame that with button unvisible or add colors and round corners
You could also change text outlines so it would be more perfect

But also, your shop looks good i like it

It’s… horrible. Honestly.
So much corners, Useless text “Amazing”, Not centered buttons, AnchorPoint is tottally 0,0, the UDim2 uses Offset…

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That’s not good at all, It looks like something you’d see from a brain-rotting content farm video.

There are tutorials online on how to make a better GUI menu, otherwise…
Keep FAR away from UI design.

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Your colours are too saturated, maybe you can use colours that are less eye sore.

The UI wise, it’s just not appealing and there’s no distinction of the buttons or each individual element

In a creative standpoint this is really cool.
In execution this is frankly an eyesore.

It looks very cluttered and cobbled together. Colors don’t flow very well and some font choices aren’t the best. Jet black on magenta doesn’t look appealing at all.

I feel like you should redo the colors and really think of which will flow together well.