Feedback on my UI

Hey guys, wanted to showcase this User Interface that I made for a game on Roblox. Wanted to get an outsider’s point of view. How does it look?


Looks amazing! I’m sure this would work really well in a game involving magic!


That’s great! Really nice work on the detail.


Looks good, realistic too. Love the potions. Did you make this in Photoshop by any chance?


Thanks so much, yea I made it using Photoshop.

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Just going to point out a few things that I noticed when looking at the UX/UI side of things:

  • Since this is a power-up/ potion buying page, the prices for these selections should be more visible since the user is supposed to be purchasing. Right now it’s hard to read it against the grey gradient in the back compared to your timer section, which seems to be more dominant

  • The bottom section of the UI seems to have alot of empty space which a buy button could have been, since the pricing for your items aren’t clear to the user

  • Right now if you look at your UI from far away, the thing that catches my eye the most is the X. It’s basically telling the user that your most dominant aspect is the X when it should be the item and price

  • The padding for your frames and text are inconsistent - some areas have larger gaps than others while some are too close to other elements

  • The shapes that are used for the frames aren’t consistent with one another. If you are going to be using hard edges instead of rounded, then you should be sticking with those consistent shapes instead of mixing elements. Also, the shapes should make sense against one another since some aren’t aligned properly or look out of place. For instance,



Looks amazing and realistic, lots of detail put into this UI.


Oh my goodness :scream:! That is some sweet eye candy :candy:, I must say.

As @theloudscream suggested, because this is a shop, the prices :moneybag: are one of the most important elements.Thus, it should be easily noticeable/readable. Currently, the pale green color blends in a bit with the gray background, making it somewhat hard to read, if noticed. What would really be catchy and creative is to literally have price tags, their string coming out from behind each of the items displayed and the tag has the price shown in a reasonably big font (keep the margin though)! This price tag can go to the right of the frame for each item.

Second, try adding more cracks into the main frame and the frames within. I only see one right now at the bottom right corner, and honestly, it almost looks out of place. So, add some wear and tear.

Third, the three potion bottles at the right seem awkward to me. I don’t know if it is the position of them or that there are three of them. Try positioning them to the center (horizontally), and above the main frame. Then, place those potion bottles behind the frame by decreasing the ZIndex. I think it would look pretty cool.

Lastly, the size of the main frame itself. If you are using scale to size this frame, keep in mind that it may look a bit too small on mobile devices :iphone: . Basically, just be aware of what your UI will look like on the devices you plan to publish your game to.

That is it. Other than that, your UI looks so good! I have viewed your Portfolio and you have designed high quality interfaces, I must say. Good luck on your upcoming projects :+1:!


Your UI looks pretty cool!
I love the details you’ve implemented.
Keep up the great work!

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Woah! This is impressive nice work! I like your UI, I would suggest

  • That the light gleem on the potions should be the same white color not change to blue and orange for the potion,

  • Adding more to the whole boarder of the UI would make it look more realistic,

  • You should make the blue fire effect on the second potion should be turned down like the first and third fire effect,

But other than that this UI is amazing, you did an outstanding job :wink:

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It looks absolutely amazing! I don’t really think it would fit in a ROBLOX game because it’s a very realistic and would look off on a platform that is more blocky then realistic, but that’s just my opinion. Definitely amazing though.

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I love it! It has the perfect amount of detail and really appeals to the eye. Keep it up!

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Looks amazing. I don’t know if the amount of robux the item costs would look better a bit more up from the description text. However, that is just my opinion.

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