Feedback on my UI's designs

Hello devs :wave:

So, i made UI designs for my current project and i like a feedback about my job.

Main UI design

Basically this is a main UI for my current project, i appreciate feedback.

User bar (Outdated video)

Actually the bar has 4 buttons, this video is outdate due i’m very busy and i can’t record a new video with a better quality. What do you think about my designs?

Teleport UI design

TP UI design

This is a UI from the user bar, as their name says, this UI is for teleport to other zones around the map

Error UI design


This UI is from the Teleport system, if the player can’t get on of the map ( I mean he can’t teleport) this UI appear.

User bar (Current design)


Current design of the User bar, i tried to make it more striking and nice.

Teleport UI (Play a map)

This UI is from a Teleport system, it based on play a map. You can pick if you want to play solo or multiplayer

This are my UI designs maked on my current project, however i made others designs but i just improvement these UI’s. :star: -I’d appreciate feedback-


Those are some nice UI’s! I don’t see anything I think you could change, great job overall!

they are good but not totally amazing. it looks like you’re pretty new, which is totally okay, but maybe practice some more before you try selling (which is what it seems like you’re trying to do)! on your error UI design, there shouldn’t be a capital letter after the comma you put, and the overall wording doesn’t flow. something like “Error! An error has occurred! Please try again later or re-join!” would sound better, personally.