Feedback on my untextured haunted hause

I just began building and I decided I’d give blender a go. Since I am a beginner I am quite proud of myself for pulling this off and I’d like some feedback on it so I can improve it as it will be in my upcoming horror game.

Front View:


Please note that I am not going to texture this as I have no idea as to how to do so. If you want more angles I’ll be more than happy to provide them to you.

Questions I have:

  • Does it look okay?
  • How could I improve it?
  • What should I add?
  • Is there anything I should delete?

Looks great! One bit of feedback I’ll give is that adding some sort of pillars to the front just to add a bit of texture might be nice. Maybe a wood type texture on them depending on the style you’re going for.

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Thanks I’ll add that in now! Really appreciate your feedback.

It is indeed very nice, but I suggest adding something to the front or back (whatever the second image is) because the front or back is quite plain, maybe increase the size of the windows. Any how, it’s created marvellously.

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It looks pretty good. I suggest you adding maybe some vines on the sides. So it will add more to that haunted house feel.

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Adding some more details to the flatter faces will make the building feel more alive - e.g. vines, windows, damage, ect.
Other than that, it looks really good so far!


Do you have any suggestions on what to add to the front?

@james_mc98 and @c0nifer
Thanks for the feedback. I’ll be sure to add vines and give the house a more abandoned look.