Feedback on my upcoming FNAF fan-game (FNAF: AKATD 1)

So I’ve been reworking my game and this is how it looks so far, I want to get people’s feedback on what I’ve done so far to know if I should continue this project at the pace I’m going or if I should drop it.
(Note: most sounds are not implemented yet, such as Doors, Cameras, some UIs [ even though they are using the FNAF 1 camera sounds, I wanna change them. ] )

Here are some photos:

And here’s a video I’ve taken of the game:


Note: this game is not playable yet, and the link put is just the Hub where you are able to play it alongside any other projects in the series.


Wow. This looks very detailed, you must have put a lot of work into it! I’m a bit curious though, on lower end devices, how would this optimise properly without light spreading too far, reducing the eerie mood of the whole place?

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It looks very high quality, I tried to look for imperfections, but I couldn’t really find any. The only thing that you might consider is the door closing animation, it looks a bit too bouncy imo. This could very easily be one of the best FNAF fan games on Roblox.

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I was thinking of making the player have to hold the lever Upwards, and having the door close slowly as they do so, if they let go, the door just opens back up! And if they aren’t quick enough to close the door, animatronics can just put their hands below the door and prevent it from closing, and even open it back up and enter the office.
Imagine this mechanic with foxy!

Oh, I have a lot of ways, but yes, sadly, on low-end devices the game will not look as good. The game will be playable on Mobile, XBOX and PC.

And yes, I’ve put a lot of effort and work into it, and I’m trying to get more recognition because it would be really sad to work so much and for it to be left behind.

That actually sound really cool, you should try to implement it!

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I would but for now I’m just trying to see if people would actually play my game.
I have no more money and I might have to give up Game Developping to get some crappy job IRL.

im sure with the right advertising, many people will see and love your game

have fun coding!

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sadly i don’t have money to sponsor/advertise with robux but i am trying to upload YT shorts and Tiktok videos of the game and showcase it.
i’m not the best at film making either so… i do what i can…
but thank you, all the support i can get motivates me to not give up on this project i’ve given everything towards.

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Man everything looks good, the lightnings,the map,the models… Everything looks good !
Just try reducing the bloom a bit well…Good luck for the rest man! :+1:


You will be able to change that in the settings menu!
I will upload a video of the settings soon. Stay tuned!

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