Feedback on my upcoming water-themed parkour Roblox UI Design

:wave: Hello Roblox Developers. Names aStarZomkied!.

What do you think of the UI on my game called “Maywipe Parkour” which is coming out 3rd of August?.
The design? Layout? and the game is inspired by Wipeout!. It’s going to be a great game!.

If you like this screenshot alot then you can join the discord server before it release:


I don’t mind the UI, I think for the most part it looks good, however it kind of offsetting,

I mean this as like, you have a happy theme to your game overall, but then the UI kind of looks dark, and is more neutral if that makes any sense.

I totally suggest making the UI look more cartoony, but not too cartoony to the point where it looks bad, and or is too distracting.

Wishing you well on your journey, hope your game does well!


Thank you alot @killedbyanar15. Also how should I promote this game?


People have mixed reviews on how to promote your game, I suggest attempting to do both sponsoring and ads, and which ever one works the best, lean towards which ever. Make sure your ad is nice and detailed and make it so people want to play your game!

If you can’t make ads, definitely try to find a good artist to help you with it, investing in stuff you believe will help is always a good option.


im a good artist i swear :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning: