Feedback on my vaulting system

I’ll also be putting in climbing over walls, fences, etc.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!


It’s cool I guess, the legs go through the wall though and the way my character slides over looks a little odd. Try to add something where they swing their legs over and use one hand to support themselves as this looks a lot better (take examples from games like mirrors edge :slight_smile: )
hope this helped


Thanks for the input! I’m already in the process of making an animation like that, but by no means am I a great animator haha.


This look great but what @Luxorz said I agree, this makes sense if your running and then vaulting.


I’m sorry but your vaulting system is very efficient as your using parts on both sides of the block which is obviously an easy way to do it but I suggest you use raycasting to find the part in front of the player and then once it hits that wall or fence and check how big the part is by its Z so you can determine how far the player needs to vault

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It’s a neat concept I think, but I chose not to do something like that because I didn’t want it to be just anything by chest height. Granted, you could whitelist part but the system I came up with uses HRP and Animations to simulate jumping over an obstacle. Not to mention I can change very specific details of how I want the player to interact with the jump, distance, time to jump, etc. Thanks for the input though, I still think this is an effecient way of doing it.


I like this!
Animations 10/10
Billboard Design 10/10
Sounds 10/10

Some bugs:

Good job!
I rated.

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Thanks! I’ve been travelling so I’ve been dedicating my resources to my main game I’m creating.