Feedback on my version of Area 51

Hello! I am working on a new project and it is based off the popular and most well known map: “Area 51”

I am currently working on making an entire remake of the mapand might become a game, who knows.

I’m not that experienced in building so this might be a good practice for me, here are some screenshots of the map:

Everything you see in the photos are not finalized and still need working on, feel free to give me some feedback about what you think I should add to make the map look better than ever!



That is amazing! I am planning to remake the map as well! It will be both Roblox Zombies, and for fun(meaning it might well be a free model). In Roblox Zombies, it just mostly going to be the spawn area just like the Moon map on Call of Duty: Zombies.

This looks like an amazing, modernized approach to such an old map! Good job!

Though the lighting seems a little bit dim than what I think it should be.