Feedback on my version of the roblox sign up page

A few months ago I made my own version of the roblox sign up page. After that I ran out of ideas and I don’t know what to add, remove or improve. I am open to any tip and idea!

GFX Credit: @nanda000


I would make the banner the same height as the Roblox logo, my eyes are drawn to them not being in-line with each other.

It’s a little odd that the user/pass text boxes are asymmetrical and have curves that aren’t seen elsewhere in the UI, they seem out of place.

I’d leave the “by signing up…” disclaimer left-bound but would make it the same width and x-position as the “SIGN UP” button, again its eye drawing they’re not in-line. Or just make the button as wide as the rest.

Other than that, I like it!

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Thanks! I’ll keep it in my mind and see what I can do. Appreciate your feedback :+1:

i believe the art you used in the banner belongs to @/nanda000!! please credit them!!

Alright! thanks for that, I will credit them!

Pretty good UI! I don’t make UIs, so I can’t really give much feedback on it.

But for the GFX, I do think it’s a bit unrelated to the UI, it’s a random GFX (no offense to the GFX/artist themselves, very nicely done).

Maybe put a GFX of Builderman or something that represents Roblox?

Other than that, great job, keep it up!

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yea, it’s a fantastic UI, but something like the ROBLOX avatar, builderman, or even rthro would fit much better since it represents the company a bit more.

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I would center the log-in part in the middle of the page - Right now it looks off to the right.

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Thank you! I’ll search for a GFX like that

Im just seeing this now. I love it! Roblox either needs to Bing back the old sign up page or take yours!

I kinda wish this was the Roblox sign up page. Also you could make the Roblox GFX design can change as well. But sizing the images properly would help. Nice work though :+1:

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