Feedback on my very first build!

Hey there!

After watching some roblox studio buildings tutorials, I decided to try to create my own building. So after not to many time, I created this simply house model. It is not such as incredible as others, but I hope to create better models in the future!
I would be pleased, if you leave some feedback about how to improve it!

Thank you!


Looks good for a first build! :+1: add some textures doe and windows on the sideof the house

Ok, I will try it, thank you so much!

Textures are unnecessary if you’re trying to make low poly. However, if you would like to make cartoonish like adopt me try to polish the corners

How can I polish the corners? D:

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You can try adding cylinders on the edges with spheres on the corners.


You can either do what crazed said or go in Blender and get a block, then go to edit mode and hit CTRL + B to bevel it.

Example: (scroll to increase how smooth the bevel is)

Other then that, I really like your style, but blender could definitely improve it, especially the tree.


Ok, thank you both for your advice! I will try that options out.

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This is a very good first build because of how clean it is! Most first builds are rather messy because of tons of unnecessary decoration copy and pasted but this build looks really nice. Nice color choices too!

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I like it but change lighting.

Yoo ngl, that is really good for a first build! Although it’s a very simplistic style, I actually love it. Nice job! :smiley:

Please elaborate when you provide feedback.

everywere I go you are there lol im just normaly scrolling and your character always is in every single thread I visit…

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Lol hey Spark! Yeah, I like to come check in on the forum every so often.

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I would also recommend that you turn your Render Fidelity up to 21 unless you have a lower end device.

it looks really good for a first build not sure how you could really make it better since studio doesn’t have that much
if you want to make better models you could use blender its a little more complicated but once you know how to use it you can basicly make anything texturing is also better in blender so you can add stuff like gradients and bevels to make it look more cartoony

sry I took so long but here’s an example of a house I made in blender its deffinetly not the best example but it does have a lot of the things I talked about

Screen Shot 2022-05-05 at 9.25.18 AM

  1. there’s a gradient on the house
  2. the house gets bigger in the middle
  3. you can make more interesting Windows as you can see here

honestly I think your house is better you can’t really do that much in studio unless your gonna make super complicated build with thousands of part those take a really long time and lag the game a lot blender lets you make models even more detailed and makes it only 1 model

if you don’t want to do blender (which I highly recomend you try) then you could learn how to use unions

here’s how to do them

  1. spawn in 2 parts make one a wall and them make another one go through the wall lets say that one is a window make sure the part that is supposedly a window is going through the wall
  2. go up to the “model” tab at the top of the screen
  3. select your “window part” and click the button at the top right of your screen in the model tab that says negate
  4. now with your window part still selected hold shift to multi select and click on your wall then click the button to the left of the negate button that says “union”
  5. and your done you should see a hole in your wall where the window was you can do this with any parts in any place also if you don’t like it you can click the button that says separate to make the parts go back to normal

you can also use unions without negates spawn 2 parts again but this time but this time just click the union button it will turn the parts into 1 part kinda like grouping the parts but it just makes them into 1 again you can also separate them

so there’s some more of my feedback hope it helped!

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The house looks great and polished; i would remove some of the pebbles on the floor and some of the spheres on the tree

Hey there! Wow, hank you for the long feedback.

I saw in a tutorial how to use unions, and I used one to make a hole on the Chimney of the house. Despite this, I think I am not totally familiarized with them, so thanks for your explanation!, it will be useful in future buildings.

I donwloaded Blender some days ago, as I noticied many builders here use it. I really haven´t tried to make anything on it. I think I will learn how to use it and start building on it, as you and other people mentioned it has got more features than the Roblox Studio, and maybe start making more detailed buildings. For me, I totally made a mess while i was doing that window with Roblox Studio, and is true that it doesn´t allow you to use gradient colors, just normal ones.

Again, thank you for the long feedback and for spending your time writing it. It will be really useful!

no problem its good to help new builders
I will probably be making a blender tutorial here on the devforum soon maybe in a few weeks because im going on vacation tomorrow but there are still some very good tutorials on YouTube
I could also show you the color pallet I use to make gradient in blender