Feedback on my vibe/exploration game

Good day fellow robloxians,

I am currently working on a new game called Nyctophilia (not finished). The point of the game is simple,you either have the choice to hanghout and “vibe” or you can explore the game and find its many secrets. I am not sure if this game will apeal to many people but none the less I was wondering if anyone could give me some tips and tricks as to improve my game.

Any help/feedback is apreciated

Link to the game :


Absolutely loved the game!
I really felt the vibes
i made one too some time ago

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Darn, I was soo close :frowning:

it was fun, but I would suggest adding more vegetation, mushrooms, buildings, or crystals. to give more things to look at along the journey.

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It was alright, but at the very start I saw you had used a lot of free models, the lanterns, the bridge, torches and trees ilm pretty sure. I like your build though, just think you should replace the free models.

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