Feedback On My Village House

Hello there fellow developer!

I have been working on this house. The house that I made is a village house for my game (If you want to know). I didn’t do it in blender. I hope you like it!

Click me to show the house

If you have any feedback on my build, please let me know. I will be happy to hear your suggestions :slightly_smiling_face:.


I would recommend that the roof looks firm by correcting those pointed parts

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You should add screenshort of the top of the house, and more zoom in, because like that it’s hard to see all the details.

Have a good day.

Hi! I love the design you have for the house, and I’d love to share some feedback.

To start off, I think that the porch or outside area of the house is a bit too large, it takes up pretty much half the house and it’s typically smaller. Secondly, the windows are a bit too big. Those windows take up one third of the height of the house. Also, the roof color doesn’t seem to match. I think that since it’s a village house you should go for a different color palette.

Here’s a reference for the colors you can use for the house3:

I hope this helps.


Oh I will added. thanks for telling me.

Well I was doing an old time kinda looking village house with hay roof.

I agree with you it is to large. I might have to fix that later.

Well, for me it isn’t to big but I’ll keep it in mind. Thanks for the suggestions though I appreciate that.

Even if you went for an old look better colors could be used and the windows actually aren’t proportioned right.

I think some of the colors could be altered at least a tad, since some of them don’t match I feel like. I would also suggest changing the window textures to a different texture/material and not neon.

Otherwise, it looks great in my opinion.