Feedback On My WIP Destruction Game

I’m open for criticism, feedback or suggestions for my upcoming game which I have called “Ignition Isles”, a cube / voxel - based destruction game.
I’ve been working on it solo for a few months, and I’ve decided to release an early Work In Progress / Proof Of Concept version in order to get feedback so I know what to improve on and add in the future:

There is only one map as of now, and it does not automatically regenerate, but you can use a free private server to generate a new one if you so wish. Perhaps you could play with multiple other players to see how much of the map you could destroy? Regardless, feedback / criticism / suggestions would be appreciated. :grin:


Nice game here!
I really enjoyed the builds of your game, as I think they are simple and fit your game.

Now for the suggestions:
1: The detonator didn’t work when clicking on the button, at the TNT, and just wherever I try to click using the detonator nothing detonates. Is this a bug?
2: I was a little confused why I couldn’t walk when I first joined, just to realize that the game was still loading. I recommend making the players see the loading screen, and if they want they can then disable/untoggle it.
3.There wasn’t any tutorial or instruction at the beginning. If this was a new player, they would be somewhat confused at what to do. Even if you mention that in the game Desc, not everyone reads a game Desc before playing a game.
4. The inventory looks too simple, as I see it’s the default one. Change the inventory for it to fit your game. You should also replace the item names with icons. (Instead of putting the name Dynamite for one of your tools, replace it with a dynamite icon)
5. Is there a shop to sell all your items and buy new ones? Is there a settings button where players can adjust according to their needs?
6. The UI looks too plain. Try adding a border, adjust fonts, etc. Also configure your UI so it actually fits on all devices. The UI looked a little weird and messed up on my phone.(They were overlapping.)

And of course there are many other things you could do to improve your game, but for now these are what I have to give you.

Good luck developing! :grinning:


I think it’d be a lot cooler if disconnected pieces fell instead of just floating there


I’d like to do that in the future, but as of now I’m not sure how to do something like that.

Okay, I’ve updated the game to make a couple changes:

  • Item tooltips are no longer just explosion noises, now they give instructions on what the tool does.
  • Item icons added to tools to make them easier to distinguish between in the inventory.
  • New menu for giving yourself items
  • New bits of tutorial text

Another little update:

  • Grenades! Throw them to deal damage to other players or yourself. They do not destroy blocks.
  • Airstrike! Call in a missile to strike your position, creating a large explosion!
  • Minor other tweaks, improvements, fixes, etc.