Feedback on my wizardry game

Hello! I’m a scripter and I am currently working on a spell-casting game that features spells similar to those present in the Harry Potter series. It has a wand that is used to cast these spells. Here is the progress I have made so far:
Video Link

You can try the game out yourself here: Wizard Fighting Grounds

Please let me know if you have any advice or feedback so I can improve the system I currently have. Any criticism/suggestion is really appreciated. Thank you!

Try to remove the link to Harry Potter in the game, here’s 2 main reasons why:

A. Copyright, that could get you copyrighted by JKR
B. JK Rowling is a nasty person, and as of late they’ve been boycotted enough to lose 74% of their profit. Don’t let that happen to you!

The only aspect of Harry Potter that this game includes is the spells. There are other games out there, such as Magic Training, Wizard Life, and more that feature these spells and haven’t been taken down. Is it really an issue?


I don’t think people will appreciate the fact that the chat will be flooded with spells being casted. Also, think about mobile and console players. How are they going to play easily? Mobile players will have a hard time typing, and console players do not have a keyboard. Spells should instead be conducted with a series of keypresses or mouse/touch gestures, don’t you think?

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i dont think people play roblox on consoles anymore

That is what I showcased in the video. The “E R T” keys that displayed in the bottom of the screen were me conducting keypresses that triggered individual spells, rather than using the chat function.

This could certainly be an issue. I might consider fully removing spellcasting via chat and replacing it with gestures/keypresses. Thank you.
Or a new feature could be implemented to automatically clear chat, or just hide all casts through chat.