Feedback on my work? Beginner Builder

Hello everyone! I am a few months into studio and I just wanted you guys to give me some feedback on my buildings etc.
I am currently working on a game by myself. I hope it turns out into something good. :smiley:

Rate what you think of this 1-10


Thank you for your feedback!
If you have any tips for me do not hesitate and state them in the comments below!

Here’s a little bit more info about me:
I am an artist, Beginner Builder, Beginner scripter and I hope soon to have created my very first own game!

First topic I’ve created.


Everything other than the first picture seems pretty good. Good use of lighting in the forest area, and that fort area looks really well built. My only criticism is the village. The houses are extremely far apart, and they look rather flat…

If thats intentional, then alright, but otherwise, i’d say you invest in some use of Robloxs’ built in Texture system (Or custom materials if you want to go a bit higher). Add some textures to make the houses pop, and be different, and use slightly different textures to make them all slightly unique.

Also, (and this is me being picky), maybe use some natural colored beams, and the cave doesn’t look too natural. And maybe add some vegetation in the forest, just to fill the space between the trees

Overall, i’d say 5/6


Thank you for your feedback!
I’ll work in the future on improving my skills on making roofs.
I find it a little hard sometimes and I mess up with the roofs.
Then I mostly decide to create a flat one.


All these builds are amazing! One thing i’d like to say is that the trees in the forest scene look too blocky unless that’s the vibe u were going for. So I suggest making use of other shapes to make a more realistic.
Edit: Another thing I realised after close inspection is that the logs of woods are cuboidal in shape… It would be better if they were cylindrical

Overall i’d rate this 8.5/10

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I would rate this with a 7.5 :grinning:


I would rate it a 9/10! You don’t look like a beginner to me, you build better than a beginner in my opinion. I love your building style too. Good work!

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Thank you very much for your kind feedback!

It looks pretty decent, although it could use a little more decoration.

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Could you give me some examples/inspiration ?
I’ve been trying to add more decoration but I got no clue what to add.

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Wow!, That is so cool!, Keep it up!

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I like it. It has a real welcoming look to it and yes it is a bit blocky but that is carried through the whole build so it seems that was your intention all along. Good job!!
Rate it 9/10

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By decoration, I mean to switch the game’s build style to a more decorative style. I find low-poly works really well and it would fit in with your game perfectly.

If you couldn’t overhaul the whole game’s build style, even changing a few important assets might make a big difference.

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I like it, reminds me of rogue lineage.

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not bad I love the town and you managed to make sure not to bare and it looks not too cluttered how long did this take?
However, I have some feedback for you this is just me nitpicking so keep that in mind.

you try to go for blocky however in many cases you break that style for example for the houses, also you just cut off the biome instead what you should do is slowly get there unless there’s a portal in that cave.

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Nice job! You’ve obviously put a lot of time into this, and I really like the way it looks. If you can accomplish all of this in a few months, just think of where you can be in a few years!

Here a few things I noticed about your builds.

  • In the first image, there are brown rocks jutting up, forming what looks like a parameter around the edge of the map. They look really cool, but I would recommend adding green tops to them to make them look even better.

  • The street looks really wide and empty to me. Perhaps consider moving the buildings in closer, or adding more things in it so it doesn’t look quite as empty.

  • I just have to say that the lighting in the forest looks insanely good. The gems in the cave seem really bright and piercing - maybe consider changing the material to something that isn’t neon and adding point lights instead.

  • The sand temple is awesome, and i like how you played around with different colors and shades of tan.

Overall, really good job. I like the colors and lighting a lot. Keep up the good work!


Heyo! It looks great and I’d rate it to 9/10. The first and last map miss some design. Maybe try to fill empty space by some decorations. But the buildings look really good. Keep it up and goodluck working on game! :smiley:

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I would give this a 9/10! I love the village, the forest, and everything else in the game! It surprises me that you are a beginner and I wouldn’t want you to quit.


Wow… Just wow… Magnificent work, can’t wait till I play the finished game! Good luck.


Nice! Maybe some more variation in coloring and textures? Also, you can use a Bloom lighting affect to reduce the overly bright neon.