Feedback on my work in progress SCP site

Hello, I would like your feedback on a first person SCP site I’m building by myself.


What does SCP mean btw?


Special Containment Procedures, or Secure Contain Protect.

It’s quite a big genre on roblox, with the biggest groups having over 500k members im pretty sure

Okay okay I see I will check this site up tom cuz m on mobile



I love all the details, especially the wall textures. Did you use any free models?

Textures are from professional texture pack, fridge is exported from a valve game im pretty sure. Also the clock is a roblox endorsed model

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Details look really great! But have a -

Do u can make spawnpoint in Site?Because it can look more Adorable for ur reputation.

Looks good though some of the doors were closed, textures took a while and it looks more like a hospital or old office than an SCP site.

Thank you - I was aiming for a more unconvential SCP site build.

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Well, about the build of the site - I like it , but I’ve lost myself some times because the same hall is put lots of times, the beds and MRI in the Medical Wing are freemodels (usage of freemodels in the game changes the game’s price instantly), I’ve seen re-made (or copied, I don’t know) servers and the computers from the ARC-32, I’ve also seen in the Security Wing room named “Classified” with red lights and text on wall “KILL” which is useless or I just don’t know something because it’s “Classified”.

Good points there - the free models in the medbay are temporary and the server and computer are recreated but are not from ARC-32 (proof can be shown in discord, I have you im pretty sure.

I don’t need a proof, it’s the feedback not the investigation, site is build nice.

This is nice but I see some very minor issues with the building

Oh darn, I wanted to pioneer the term blacksite to refer to an SCP facility. The more I delay, the more I see some ideas getting used, haha. No problem though, inspiration’s great to go around.

Unconventional SCP sites that break away from the norm always interest me, so glad to have taken a look at this. I think it’s great that you’re moving forward with a different design, but I also encourage you to address some long term issues SCP groups tend to have, such as a lack of focus on the research element and more drive towards combat. Take the time to spice things up with your build, otherwise it may just be shock value and not go too far. That aside though, nice build.

One thing that made me slightly uncomfortable is that the site feels a little too claustrophobic and close to human proportions. It’s not very big, there’s not much wiggle room to go around. In other words: it feels too small. I think people would appreciate larger proportions to go through.

Some of the text you have on the tops of doors is not consistent. For example, check near the security spawn. The spawn label is “SECURITY SPAWN”, and then the label on the door to the right facing outward just says “Classified”. I think you should stick with either making your door labels full caps or only capitalisations on the first letter of each word.

Floors look a bit strange at times.

That’s all I guess. Good luck on your project.

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The build looks really good no question asks. Though, the doorways with two windows on them look very overused and will sometimes end up being in rows of 3 and way to close to each other. I would recommend freeing up some of the hallways instead of having so many doors next to each other. Lastly, it looks great so other than that, awesome job man!

Looks great! Gives me vibes of a maze that you’re stuck in. I mean, you could have less doorways and more unique rooms.

That’s all I have to say. Good luck with this build!

Magnificent job. Do you have a link to the professional texture pack you used?