Feedback on my work

Hello. I have been building a adventure cartoon game. I would like to get feedback of what I should add/improve on (In the house) (It’s currently the intro of the game so don’t expect much)


(Here’s the game if you want to see more)


I love the cartoony aesthetic.

The camera is really weird though. I don’t think I can give you further constructive feedback without knowing where the game is going, because I have no idea what the gameplay is going to be like. The main thing that bothered me was not being able to see my character go through the door because the wall obscured it, which is weird when it’s in 3D, because your character has to be at the correct Z-value to pass through.

Hello, thanks for replying. Sorry If I hadn’t been specific but I was talking about the house. I wasn’t really thinking about a little cutscene of the character going through the door it’s more like a fade gui then teleport.

Wow! Considering you are still in the early development phase I thought it was great! You really captured the feeling of a cozy video game home! I felt like I was playing Pokemon Blue again or something haha! Can’t wait to see what you do with this project in the future! Well done my friend! :smile:

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Loved the cartoon-ish design. Just add more details to the models and adjust the lighting to make the lights less bright.