Feedback on my xenomorph

Hello, I’m Ser4x. As of 10-20 minutes ago I ranked up to New Member, so this being my first post please redirect me if I’m on the wrong topic.

So I’ve been working on an alien game on Roblox and I wanted open opinions on the xenomorph model I have created. If anybody is familiar with the xenomorph let me know if there is anything I need to work on.

The tongue is still being worked on


Welcome to the Developer Forum @Ser4x!
To aid your concern, the answer is yes, you posted in the correct topic.

I think your xenomorph model looks very nice and well made, I would suggest that when you create feedback posts, perhaps add more screenshots from the Left, Right, Front, Back, Top, and Bottom sides of your model just so other DevForum members can get a good look at your model.

It looks incredible. It is detailed though not what I say is accurate to the original. It look great anyway.

Thank you for the feedback.

I thought I did upload the other angles but I guess not. I edited the post and added them

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Thank you for the feed back.

do you have any suggestions on what to fix/add to make it more accurate?

I suggest making your Xenomorph from a source material; will provide one now.

Here are some improvements:


The exoskeleton at the back of the head is formed longer.


The tail is much more spiky and “bony”.

Despite this, the Xenomorph you have made is extremely detailed, with muscles and bones. If you can add these details, it would be perfect. (On Roblox terms anyway.)

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Alright thank you. I will note your suggestions for further improvements

Thank you for the feedback!

Good detail but you should try improving the head model a bit more.

(Other then that the rest of the parts look good!)

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Just a final piece of advice, I suggest 3D Blender for humanoid entities or objects that require an exceeding amount of detail. In addition, do not over use SpecialMesh.

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