Feedback on my Zombie Designs :D

Hi, I made these zombies based off of Zombie tower zombie designs, And I really want to know what you guys think of them :smiley:

These 4 designs, the 2 in the middle are military zombies.

Back of the first 4 ones.

Then these ones, The Epic face zombie and the fire zombie both are rainbow, but don’t show up until the scripts run.

Then the back of them, Nothing much to see, but its here :slight_smile:

I really want to know what you guys think about them, I don’t mind criticism.


Some people might yell at you for the combination of accessories you put on them, but I find them getting along very well and forming the final character. I really like the “let’s plonk that accessory in as well” mindset and it has definitely summed up to a great result!


Thank you, I tried taking classic meshes and accessories to try and capture that zombie tower style of design, I did kind of think “Yea let’s put that on there! it’ll look cool!” and it worked. I find this very nice to hear, thank you for that :smiley:

It looks very good! Good work!

Thank you for the compliment :grinning:

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Definitely gives off the Zombie Tower feel, I like it!
Do you plan to make your own Zombie Tower type of game with these?

I plan to use these in a game where you travel through many classic themed places,
although these zombies would probably appear in just one part of it.

add gore cuz yes and blood cuz yes number 2

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pov: when you tick every option as yes in the dashboard questionnaire :eyes:

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