Feedback on My Zombies Project

I’d like some feedback regarding the newly released alpha of my Zombies game!

(It is in alpha, so I’m aware of the bugs and trying to fix many of them)

Another thing to note; Nacht was made first, so it relies much more on roblox parts and the code is older and in need of updating. Kino on the other hand is mostly meshparts and uses newer code; including an improved A* pathfinder.


Now that’s cool , i just tested out the game , and it’s pretty well done.

Somethings i’d like to suggest you :

  • Have some sort of indication when damage is inflicted to zombies , because due to the extremely large crosshair and recoil , it’s really hard to tell whether you hit the zombie or not
  • You should add a tutorial for newer users who aren’t really aware about these kind of games and don’t really know the objective is , and probably wouldn’t even know you could unlock newer areas using points

The guns and a few other mechanics are a bit buggy , but i won’t comment on it much since you’ve already stated that it’s in alpha and you’re aware of the bugs

Good job man


Awesome game! I really enjoyed playing your game, and I will definitely play some more in the future.

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This is actually amazing. Very alike to the original. Things that you should add or change is running speed for zombies and players. I would suggest adding a beta/alpha badge. Really fast. When I joined in, I was still loading in and most things had not rendered and zombies started coming in rightaway. I’m not sure if there was a tutorial, if there is i didnt see it and I didnt know any keybinds. Also, is there prone? This was actually really good. I played Kino der toten. More “german” stuff should be added (helmets and stuff, not the stuff you’re thinking of) This game will be huge, already 80 players playing. I hope it all goes well for you & I hope no copyright issue goes your way. Good luck

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Could you point me in the right direction to learn how to do the mesh characters you created? I’m newly returning to ROBLOX. Thanks.