Feedback on my...armchair

Hi my friends!This day started from bad moment….And when I returned home,i immediately started building………but it turned out to be a armchair!

I think,this armchair look bad

How are you think?

Bye!And have a nice day!


Yeah, it doesn’t look great. Put the chair on some legs to raise it a little bit more and change the materials, will arm chairs really use marble as armrests?

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I agree with you, changing materials, and adding legs will change the armchair

It looks very blocky, the material doesn’t look good.

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Yes,its really very blocky and material doesn’t like.

It does not look the best, yes, but with a bit more work, it could look great! Change up the armrest materials to make them stick out more, and also try to get rid of the pillow on top of it, if that is what it is. It looks rather strange and out of place. All in all, this isn’t the worst build; but it could be better. Using some of the suggestions me and others put here, you can try to improve it. Try getting rid of the blockiness and make it look a bit more rounded.

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Id start from scratch.

  1. No reflectance on marble arms
  2. Rigid upright chair
  3. No legs
  4. Clear Blocky joins
  5. Materials dont go together

(Please blow up this chair)

I would suggest finding an image of a chair and trying to build something that looks exactly like it.

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Yes, adding onto this, you can also add some meshes to change the blockiness and add some texturing. There are free model textures that look decent.

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Okay!Thanks!Next version will be better!

Very very Blocky. The textures aren’t the great, either.

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looks a little blocky, materials gotta be changed and give it some legs too lol and it will look good

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Doesn’t look very promising, but you can make it 10x better If you made the arm rests a little smaller and had the chair itself on some kind of tilt.
In real life you also wouldn’t want your arms resting on some kind of big slabs.
A huge tip of making stuff is looking at stuff from real life and using it as a real guidance. (You don’t have to copy it exactly)
For an example, look at this chair.

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