Feedback on Naruto GFX

I was working for a team who needed a thumbnail with naruto and sasuke. I would be glad if y’all gave me feedback!


I like the GFX but I suggest to edit a bit more with the lighting. This is good so far. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you ! I’ll try my best to focus on the lighting!

Looks cool. But in my opinion The background looks 2d and 3d as if they are standing on the water and flying. With the character on the left Maybe add something in the white big bright power and add the lighting around it. (In muy opion) But again its awesome. Keep up the good work.

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Really good and simple! However the name isn’t that good, since it’s not based on just sharingans that’s all I can tell you! Otherwise good work!

Yea I’ve thought about how the name is Project Sharingan, even though its not only related to it, I can’t do anything about it since it’s the game’s name

Alright thank you for your feedback! ill try to make a jumping/running effect behind them

Alright! Then it’s really nice :))

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This is great, but it kind of looks like crinkled paper. Is that on purpose? And maybe you can and a sharingan as a logo.

Looks clean, nice job on making this.