Feedback on New Cafe Build

I recently release V2 for my cafe, and I would really appreciate any constructive feedback/criticism.

Game link: 🌴 [RELEASE] Ardour Cafe V2 - Roblox


The build looks great, but lightings feels really off, it just looks bad. You really need to improve it

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Could you provide some examples and solutions?

I like it. Very modern and very well built, definitely took your time on it!
I have some tips for the lighting (As @DRivex0 said)

  1. Set brightness to about 4 - 6
  2. Set Colorshift_Top to a warm or cold color (Depending on what weather you’d like it to be)
  3. Set lighting technology to future

I think that it’ll look so much better with realistic graphics and other buildings around it. Awesome job!

Edit: I joined the game and was stunned to see the main menu, you’re a very talented gui designer, programmer, and builder!

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Thank you very much for the feedback!
I will be sure to change those properties.

Turn on shadows, add some lights, work with ambient lighting, add some sunrays and others

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I have updated the lighting based on the feedbacks!
It would be great if you could check it out.

Looks great but some areas feel slightly empty, also the metals are too reflective (fixable with a lighter roughness map)

Thank you for the feedback! I will consider making those changes.