Feedback on new Dog Simulator Game

So I recently finished a new game, called Doggie Land. It’s a simulator type game where your avatar gets turned into a dog, and you can run around the world to get treats and bones, like a dog would! It’s a bit different from most simulators, like how instead of new zones being in a straight line, new areas in Doggie Land are all around you, in each direction! You’ll have to play the game yourself to see what I’m talking about.

Here’s the game:

Please check it out and give me feedback! I’d really appreciate it! :smiley:

Here’s a picture of me in the game:

Here’s a clip of me playing it:

Once again, I’d really appreciate feedback on this game! It’s not front page material or anything, but I still think it came out to be really good! What are your thoughts on it?

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You have got to be kidding me. Couldn’t you have taken this privately into his DMs?

very nice game! i would suggest making the charms icon a clover instead of a volly ball(or whatever it is) and add hats or clothes, you want to stand out from other grinding boring games so maybe add some quests or dialogs with people around the town

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Looks cool! It reminds me of the dog from morph magic haha

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