Feedback on new FPS/Management game

My Agency: a new upcoming FPS-Management game on Roblox

Have you ever wanted to build your own intelligence agency? Ever wanted to design your own headquarters from scratch in your own style? Combat fan, then why not play some unique missions and discover secrets, puzzles and unlock new content!

Before going further let me introduce myself, I am Sloppy, founder of Actual Studios; this post was remade because the old one was poorly made and didn’t attract many people.

Lore and Explanation

In My Agency you are able to fulfil your childhood dream of begin the director of your very own intelligence agency. Design your perfect headquarters with the features you like. If you are not a combat fan you can fight easy NPCs, or if you’d like to go a step further try doing missions, alone or with your friends! Customise your agency with a custom banner, name and vest!

In depth explanation

I will now go in depth and explain the core features of the game.

Build Mode

The build mode in My Agency enables you to build the headquarters of your dreams. Free multiple floors support… Decorate your headquarters and place functional buildings to become the best agency in the server. WARNING: BUILD MODE COULD HAVE SOME BUGS, IF YOU ENCOUNTER ANY, REPORT IT HERE

Missions System

By placing down the Planning Table from the functional section you can create or join lobbies to play missions. Missions give you more money than fighting base NPCs and some missions also have some puzzles/side-quests. (some missions might need a vest to be completed)


  • Actual Studios Corporation - Publisher
  • SloppyBelloMigliore1 - Programming/Building
  • ChamelDB - Building

If you feel like you have been missed in the credits listed here please reply and we will fix it!


Join the game and give us ANY sort of feedback. We thank you for reading this post and we hope you will like the game! That said it’s time to go director! Make us proud! I will be reading and updating the post daily.

Any kind of feedback is welcome and we will implement it at the best of our abilities!
If you want to suggest new additions for build mode you are free to do so, if you have a model you would like then attach it to your reply!


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so Uhh I have a bug, and a request.
The request is:

  • Could you please add a target icon when equipping the gun, I died because I couldn’t see where I
    was shooting because for some reason my mouse pointer is gone.

  • Also how do I rotate objects in build mode? I tried pressing every key but ended up pressing ‘C’, which leads me to my bug report…

The bug:

  • After pressing ‘C’ to crouch, I wanted to stand up again so I pressed ‘C’ and then I faceplanted onto the ground, at first I thought; “Oh you can lay down in this game??” but uhh, I couldn’t get up, when moving my character would just walk whilst laying down and still move but much slower (probably because of the friction with the floor)

here is a picture:
How do I get back up after pressing ‘C’?

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Oh yeah, you have to press X to get back up.
I will be adding some keybinds to simplify the experience. To rotate use R

Thanks for the feedback!

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Oh, maybe let the player choose their keybinds in settings, also maybe you should somehow tell the player what the keybinds are.

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Alright I wil add keybinds; thanks for the suggestion!

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for one i recommend reworking your entire gun system as its the most widely used and numbing gun system i understand if you dont understand scripting then thats fine but its also kind of laggy

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please please please change the thumbnails!!! These little things can determine the fate of the game!
Like if I saw your game I wouldnt play just based on the thumbnail alone cause its just like really bad.

I will try out the game later and give you my thoughts

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Hi there, I used ACS as I wanted to get the game concept up and running as soon as possible. Every other thing was scripted by me. If the game gets some support I will of course rework the entire gun system making it custom! Thanks!

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Hey there what would you suggest to change to the thumbnail? What would be a good thumbnail for the game? I am looking to change it but I can’t figure out what to put in it! Thanks a lot for the suggestion and I’ll be waiting for your in-game experience! Enjoy!

GFX art is needed, take a look at other thumbnails in the same genre as yours, thats the best way to figure it out!

Alright, will do! Hope you will like the game. I will update the thumbnail as soon as possible


Ok so more stuff, the badge icons need changed, the UI on the bottom of the screen that displays the money is really annoying for some reason.
The map looks like a bunch of props you put together which makes it look incredibly unprofessional, overall thats how to game feels tbh. Btw the tutorial covers up part of the build UI.

Now note none of this is to discourage you its all just honest feedback.

Overall the game is kinda poorly done. The idea is great but everything could use some work.
The enemies are a little to difficult and thats from someone who plays FPS games ALL THE TIME.
I also notice there is no reason to keep playing the game, I feel there is no goal for me to accomplish what so ever.

Could use some work, overall the idea is 4.3/5, the execution is like a 1/5.
Best of luck

What would you suggest to change to make the game look better? Other than the icon what would you change of the UI? Thanks for the feedback

The UI on the bottom needs to be moved somewhere else like the top of the screen.
The map needs to be deleted and you need to remodel everything but in the same style, the lighting needs to be changed. And yeah its plain so more foliage