Feedback On New Game: Impossible Platformer

Hello everyone!
I have finished designing my new game which has been out recently, we have already had a lot of players who have given us positive feedback and are enjoying the game. Just needed some constructive feedback on our new updates, including a new map. If you could find the time it would be really appreciated, thank you! :slight_smile: :grin:


This is a very fun and addicting game that I do believe will gain popularity and people will enjoy. However, there are a lot of problems that get in the way of having fun.

I would say you should get rid of the tutorial page and replace it with an NPC character that gradually tells you what to do and how to play, nobody likes reading pages of text. The second is GUI improvements, especially for mobile. When I way playing on my tablet, I found the GUI was really annoying and I couldn’t even move around without accidently triggering a button. I had much more fun once I switched to PC. Otherwise, this game is actually really enjoyable!


Here are some notes about your game.

  • The font on the tutorial screen may be too large. There’s a balance with font sizes. Too small and it’s unreadable. Too large and it will exhaust people’s eyes moving from letter to letter.
  • If I were playing this in earnest I would immediately skip the tutorial. Seeing the huge amount of text gives me a sense of dread. Why? Because I envision a future where I’m stuck reading pages of text instead of playing a fun game. Reading through it, I have to wonder why so much of the tutorial is dedicated to promoting the in-game purchases? To me it feels like a waste of space, and other players may get a negative impression from it. That aside, the crucial points could be greatly compressed by doing a re-write with bullet points.
  • The maps are decent. Many of the models have conflicting art styles, which may bother some people, but I don’t care all that much so long as the lighting is good, and it is. At some point it would probably be good to revisit the builds and replace the out-of-place models but I don’t think it’s a huge issue.
  • There should be checkpoints. Losing large amounts of progress from one mistake doesn’t feel fair.
  • Some of these maps are quite refreshing in their unique designs. There’s clearly inspired work here. Then other parts (jumps between rectangular prisms) can be a bit dull. I think if you focused more on these unique and innovative obstacle designs, your game will stand apart from more generic obbies. Lots of potential here.

Thank you for checking out our game, we really appreciate the feedback you have given us. We will definitely reconsider the size of ours GUI’s and reduce the large amounts of text. Thank for the kind words. :grin:


We really appreciate you checking our game out and for all the notes you have given us. We will take all your suggestions and implement them into our game, especially the design of the map jumps. We have a lot of reworking to do, thank you so much for helping us! :smile:



I like the tutorial screens, they’re informative and they have visuals, but the only thing I don’t like about it is how you’re put in the game with the tutorial shoved in your face. I suggest you make it so the tutorial is shrunken down to make it not covering a lot of the screen, or make the screen black with the tutorial shown so the player focuses on it. I think the latter may be better.

I don’t like how you’re prompted to the shop right after, and you’re forced to go to the shop, you can’t exit the prompt and not go to the shop or anything. I also noticed that the tutorial reappears when you rejoin the game, and that’s annoying. Make a button on the side of the screen that allows players to see the tutorial whenever they’d like.


I’d just like to point out that upon closing the tutorial, I noticed that the game can lag pretty hard. I suspect that it may be because of the high amount of detail, so try enabling StreamingEnabled if you haven’t so.


I don’t like how tiny the timer is for the rounds, it makes it less noticeable for players, and the time is important, so you should make it bigger.

I also think that the buttons on the left side of the screen is more simple than the right side. I suggest you give it some fresh style.

I’d also like to say that the right side is lookin’ good. It’s not too distracting, but also noticeable, which I like.


Holy cow, I love the detail put into the stages, very nice! Although it is inconsistent in terms of simplicity with the rest of the game, it makes me feel like I’m in a different place.

I think that special platforms like conveyors should visually stand out to look like conveyors. In the big tree stage, where you have to climb up a huge tree, you come across some wedges that seem like conveyors, and there’s a warning sign that tries to signify that they’re conveyors. The warning sign doesn’t show the conveyors being conveyors, it shows that there are kill bricks or something ahead. Maybe add a texture or something and make it move to make it look like a conveyor.


The most important thing in games.

I really like how there are different maps, but some of them are too short for the time. I also don’t like how you’re just sent back to the lobby after completing the round, and you have to sit there for the rest of the round until it ends.

I would put more about gameplay here, but I just don’t have the time right now.

In short, this is a pretty great game! I like how there are different maps you can complete. Keep it up!


We really appreciate all your feedback, we will definitely take into account everything you have said and work on all our areas of improvement.Thank you for taking the time out to review our game and give your opinions on what we should add, this is some great advice that will help our game out! :grin:

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