Feedback on New Game Release (Flee the Fire)


After months of work, my game is finally released… almost

I’ve made the game public, but I have not done any advertising yet.
From everything I’ve seen, the game is fully complete. Although, before advertising, I need your help.

  • Is the game too hard? Specifically what map or gamemode?
  • Is there anything out of place that you notice? (UI, building, etc)
  • What would you change or add?

If you play the game, I give permission to try and break the game :wink:. Reset, Spam UI’s, Spam everything.

If you find a bug, please

Say what map (or whatever the bug is)
Where the bug occured
What happened
How it affected gameplay

What is Flee the Fire?
“Flee the Fire is a minigame-style-game where all gamemodes are based on fire, lava, burning, etc. Your objective is to rather flee, survive, or escape. Fit your aesthetic with a wide range of titles that you earn by gaining wins. Buy and equip buffs to ensure your survival. Do you think you can take on the hot challenge?”

If you could leave at least one suggestion that would be awesome!

Also, please don’t dislike the game. If something breaks, or you don’t like something, please let me know via Group or Comments


GAME: Flee the Fire (Sunsetting soon) 🔥 - Roblox

GROUP: Entertainable - Roblox