Feedback on new game "Thats Not My Friend"

Hi! I’ve been working on this game inspired by “That’s Not My Neighbor” by Nacho Sama for a bit, and I think it’s ready for feedback. There are definitely some more features I could add, however, the base game is pretty much done. It is fully supported on mobile, and if you have any feedback on anything I could improve or add, it would be very much appreciated! Thanks!

Game: Thats Not My Friend

Rough tutorial is in the description if you need it

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First things first the artstyle is really good. Its unique and I like the vibe its giving.
I do like how it uses your friends on Roblox. It makes it feel more like personalized to you than just using npcs.

Game thumbnail is ok but I feel like the lego hands look too goofy on the silhouette
One thing that could change would be instead of pressing “R” moving your mouse the the right side or having a button to change angles would feel so much better.
One thing about the game is the opening scene before it teleports you is really low quality for some reason? Thats just a minor thing but it bugged me a little.
I like the little details in games and like the attention to small details so I feel like adding more apps to the pc you can use like snake or a calculator would be so cool.

There’s already a “That’s not my Robloxian” game on roblox that has 10k players so I feel like trying to compete with that is bad. I wonder if you can make a game that’s a mix of that’s not my neighbor and papers please I think that would be really interesting. Like it’ll give the avatar of a person on your friends list but the hats are different or the join date is 2 years off or something. I feel like that could actually be really cool and unique.

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The game icon is good, but the one thing for me that doesn’t click is just the thumbnail. The gameplay itself is actually pretty OK. Don’t worry about it being similar to “That’s not my Robloxian”, because a lot of developer makes similar games but still gaining players (E.G. Blox Fruits and King Legacy).

My suggestion is that you change your thumbnail’s artstyle into something like this if you have a budget to pay for an artist.

Screenshot 2024-04-14 172250


Thanks! Ill definitely change the thumbnail, and moving the mouse to the side is probably a better idea than pressing R. I just fixed the low quality issue, it was a weird setting in the surface GUI. I was also planning on adding different apps to the computer and possibly secret endings or something that you could get to set it apart from other games and add more content.

I can definitely make a better thumbnail, that was just one I put together in a couple of mins for show lol. I’m not sure if I’ll do one like that right now, but maybe if I get some robux from the game I’ll commission one. Thanks!