Feedback on new game? [Toilet Defense]

I currently just released my new game based off an popular tiktok meme. As you see it’s trending all over roblox.

And it’s very tough as a solo developer to get my game out there, especially when low on funds. It is a sandbox version which is why everything is easy to get. Just so people can have fun and report any major bugs that I can avoid when releasing the actual game. (which i seen happen, sadly, people were frustrated.)

Please give any help outside the building aspects of it, I know it’s very bland but it’s intentional.

Any other feedback and marketing advice on my game is highly appreciated !
Thanks in advance :wink:


Didn’t get to do much.

Pros: Good idea, good (albeit basic) visuals and UI
Cons: Wasn’t much to do (server was shut down pretty early)


  • For some reason, I was clicking on the enemy toilets and nothing happened. I feel like I was just doing something wrong.
  • Can barely reach group chest due the invisible wall
  • Leaderboard was glitched a lot; it showed avatars and scores with non-scaled username text (also hard to see through the glitchiness)

So uh… this is some very harsh feedback so if you cant take it please ignore lol

alright so, for starters, i hate skibidi toliet games with all my life, while yes, it will appeal to younger audiences, i feel like it just makes me wanna spoon my eyes out as someone who isnt a 7 year old. also, the fact that this is just a copy of other games, hence the “trending on tiktok and roblox” just kinda ruins it for me, but for the actual game, i feel like its just kinda really boring and another cash-grab like game
oh yea, the cases open leaderboard is broken.
forgot to add, the entire game is running and spawning “cameramen” lol

Sorry if I hurt your feelings lol, might not be the best constructive feedback but ill let you know im supporting your journey


Thanks for the feedback, were you playing on mobile when clicking, because I used click detectors but I wasnt for sure if it worked for mobile

Edit: Just found out mobile users have to click twice


Thats completely understandable! I’m just doing whatever I have to do to make it somewhere in roblox, I dont have the funds or anything necessary to make a top quality game, it’s just me myself and I.

Although I myself was probably the first to work on this type of game, started back in idk late august? Took forever to release by that time other developers swooped lol


I wasn’t trying to leave a harsh review or anything (I’m on PC btw)

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Yep, understandable.

Based off of the replies on my topic, Whats the point of making games on ROBLOX? , good games are thrown away while whats popular at the current time, (for example, skibidi toliet) get attention.

Sadly, you have to throw away your dignity to succeed in the ROBLOX business, which makes me fine with you doing what appeals to players.

But, if your group grows enough, maybe you can start making regular games that arent just cashgrabs.


Yes I indeeed wish to take this path, just gotta start from a lower ground first.

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Everything listed should be fixed now, let me know if any more issues persist!

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Also, helpers will be rewarded in the release of the game, premium defender and special role in group, given to people who’ve given their feedback.

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I joined the group, got some rewards, then opened some crates, now everybody on the leaderboard is tied with the same score


From my experience it was very broken, and disorganized. The UI takes up too much of the screen and it just looks like a very bland and disinteresting game. I understand the concept about hopping on trends and making it into a game, but the thing about this is that trends die. Especially trends like these that are very disinteresting to the wider audience. My best advice would be to scrap it and spend time on making a game will be easily able to replay, and addicting to the audience.


Thats understandable, although I guess I wouldn’t call it a complete loss. Ill see what I can scrap out of this project to make it an more addicting experience, outside of relying on trends

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