Feedback on new game!

I recently made this game and would like some feedback!

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At first I thought it would me like this:

But, it’s actually different. I still don’t get it though. Make a tutorial? But, what makes it fun? It felt like I was going through the same level multiple times. I’m confused sorry.

I don’t get what’s so fun about it, you just really avoid this really fast enemy (with no cue whatsoever of when its coming) in like… 3 randomly generated rooms?
Also i kept getting this one bug where if you died you cant open doors anymore.

What’s so fun about running through 3 randomly generated rooms with no events? What makes it worse is that you have game advertisements and a donation box.

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There is nothing wrong with showing other games in a other game, the donation box is to get people to donate because I have no plans of adding too many payed items

Yeah there is, it makes you look scummy because you want the most visits possible.

You don’t put this donation box in the middle of the map, you make it hidden like in a settings menu of some sort. If someone wants to donate, they will look for it. Putting it out in the map makes you feel obligated to donate which is another scummy marketing tactic.

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Its not scummy if most games do it, the demographic for this game is lower so they probably could not figure out a game from the icon (they are not teleporters) also ty for the map feedback i am currently adding more creative maps and a boss battle!

Can I know what’s fun about this game? You should add more to your game, such as sound effects and improved gameplay. The building could also be better,and add more events, and the shop is like near the spawn. I’m sure the donation box and the key is a free model. I would rate it 4/10. I would have given it a higher rating, but due to these issues, I have to give it a lower rating. I hope you understand what I mean by this.

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