Feedback on New Game

Hey Devs,

Can i get feedback on my new upcoming game? Be as harsh as possible.


The lighting is off and the Ui’s vibrant green is interesting. The thing that annoyed me most was the toxicity in Playerbase while I was trying to communicate with you. Overall it’s a good game.


You said to be as harsh as possible, so I will do exactly that. To start, we can point out how lifeless and boring your game feels. If I didn’t already have depression, I would have gotten it from joining this game. Not only that, but it is also an obvious copy of other already successful games, the most obvious being Pet Sim X and its predecessors. The NPCs also feel like they are just there, and there is nothing special about them other than their color. When they die, all they do is get stiff and fall over. There is also no punishment for attacking a high-HP or high-power NPC because your player takes absolutely no damage whatsoever. Now, I didn’t just come to bash on your game and give no suggestions at all, so below I will list some stuff that I think could improve your game and also some bugs that I found in my few minutes of playing.


  • Adding more to the map. For example, even just a shop stand would add more life to your world.

  • Giving NPCs more character or life This could be as simple as changing up their animations and clothes as you progress in the game. This may already be a feature, but from the first level, I can’t tell because the only differentiating factor was their color.

  • Give us a reason to keep playing. At the moment, it feels like there is little to no replay value in this game because there is no incentive to keep coming back. To fix this issue, you could add a reward system! These could be daily rewards, weekly rewards, or even just a few challenges for the player. (e.g., take out 4 enemies with 500 HP or more for 500 coins.)

  • Add something to spend coins on other than fist upgrades. You could add pets, power-ups, or even just multipliers for players to spend coins on because at the moment it seems like they’re only used for buying new fist types and levels.

  • Add a tutorial. This is something just about every game should have, especially yours with all those buttons on the side (most of which I didn’t and still don’t know what they do). This could just be simple dialog or even a small cutscene if you want to be a little extra about it and have it explain what your goal is in the game and what everything does (shops, buttons, and upgrades).

  • Add more challenge to the game. This kind of ties in with my previous suggestion of adding more life to the NPCs, and a great way you can do that while also adding challenge is by making the NPCs actually do some damage when they hit you. Again, maybe this is a feature later on in the game; I just haven’t played all that much to be aware of it.

Since I didn’t play for very long, my bug list isn’t that long, but the ones I did encounter aren’t super major and should be easy fixes.

  • When equipping a new kind of punch, the button will say “equip” instead of “equipped,” which leads to a little bit of confusion. This isn’t a big deal and would be a quality of life fix if anything!

  • When you kill an NPC, they don’t always break apart like normal; they just plop over and keep punching even though they are dead. If you end up taking my suggestion of adding animations, I also recommend adding an animation for when the NPCs die as well because it might help with this problem, but I’m not entirely sure.

Overall, from my experience with this game, it could definitely use a lot of changes and a few minor bug fixes, and I truly wish you the best in working on your game! I know you have the ability to make something great, and you have definitely already started on it, so keep on trying your best, and the outcome will be well worth it. Remember that every great game starts somewhere.

EDIT: I’d like to make it clear that, again, I haven’t played the game for long nor even progressed past the first level, so a lot of the features I suggested may already be in the game and I am simply not aware of them.


Made the game in 3 days :sweat_smile:

Thank you for the feedback, it will definitely help with development and engagement.


It kind of feels like every other pet sim x type game. It seems pretty decent, just nothing too special in my opinion. Still, I can see you put effort into the game and I think you did a good job making it!


This is very sad, honestly that you’ve made the game in 3 days.
This somehow says that you’ve put almost no work into that and you’re just speed-running the game to eventually make it a cash-grab game.
Feedback from @meltedlizard223 is very good and I couldn’t say it any better. Come with some interesting ideas, that just looks like another copy of other game.


A cash grab game isnt always bad, it can also be a funder for a very advanced game, if that is the case i dont really care because there should be way more advanced games on roblox!

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