Feedback On NEW GFX STYLE!

I was just thinking of making a DOF GFX for practise then I just made this randomly. All I used was… Roblox Studios → Blender → Adobe After Effects. I think it turned out clean. Once again though I need some feedback on how to make it better so please do let me know!


The VFX effect on the character is just too much, reduce it.


I agree with @ItzMeZeus_IGotHacked
The effects are a little too bright and much. There’s also quite a bit of noise on the head. Try reducing that.

Overall it’s a good GFX!


too bright, and kinda bland. the outline isn’t great and it looks like he’s on a background which you never want. the pose is questionable and background is way too blurred, and you need better character design.


What did you use to make this awesome GFX?


The effects are very dazzling, other than that everything looks nice. :+1:

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I used Adobe After Effects it’s a very good software

very clean imo but idk if the Japanese is right seen as though it would look better if it was just Kanji, Hiragana or Katakana instead of a fusion of all three

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