Feedback on new GFX [ WW2 Soldier ]


I just made a new GFX! What do you think of it? Do you have any ideas for improvements?
Also: I am pretty new to GFX making

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~The GFX~

Thank you for the Feedback :smiley:


looks very cartoony, the gun holding posing isn’t great and the gun positioning isn’t either, the face can be better, and so can the leg posing and background and lighitng


It great so far but maybe try adding more to the background, such as an battlefield if you know what I mean?

So far, everything is great and I like it.


Hi, thank you for the feedback. What do you mean with the „lighting isn‘t great“ or „the face could be better“? - how could I improve them?


everything looks hand drawn except face, so make face hand drawn look, and the muzzle flash would maybe temporarily blind and the gradient is kind of weird


It looks like he’s shooting at the ground and not looking where he is shooting. The lighting is a little off.
Not bad though

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I’m assuming that you made the scenery so that the soldier would be in a fight on a battlefield or something similar to that. If that’s the case:

  • Try to make the picture less ‘blurry’ and more ‘clean’ to allow the figure to be much more visible

  • Add more detail to the background so the viewer can see where the figure is (add more scenery)

  • And tweak the figure’s arms so that they’re smaller, or change the gun, so it’s bigger (this is being said as the arms/gun make it weird because of the size difference)

Apart from that, I think you did an outstanding job, especially since you’re new to GFX’s. Keep up the great work!