Feedback on new gfx

Hey another work for feedback please DO NOT comment about water marks i do not care if someone takes my work i will always have more evidence than them that i made this.

But anyway here it is:


Nice! looks amazing! Could do with a better sandy background, But still amazing!

Maybe for these guys add a sand background.

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I have two main issues with the GFX.

The first one is the lighting, the lighting you used to render the character compared to the background does not match as the coloring on the PointLight would have to be a tint of blue to match with the Background. This could be a easy fix if you were to redo the background to a more fitting ambience.

The second on is the posing. The holding of the rifle feels VERY awkward. This could be fixxed by bending the arms OR having the right arm be slightly lower as the arm currently seems to be grabbing the top of the gun which from personal experience is not how you hold a gun.

Aside from this, well done and I hope my advice can later support you.

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i can see what you mean i am currently making a background which should hopefully fix that issue but it will take a while to do and i have other things to do right now

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also do you want a logo for the group itself i can make one?

What ever floats your boat man.

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He was talking in the wrong place.

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