Feedback on New Homescreen Concept Art


The image above contains graphics that might not make into the game. i.e. Character Preview, Mouse Image


This is Bug Bash’s new home screen concept. This is a concept meaning that it has not been implemented in the game yet. Before we do that though, we would like your feedback on it.


Ask yourself the following questions in order to rate the concept:

  • Can I tell what this is?
  • Can I tell what all the buttons do?
  • Can I tell what the numbers mean?
  • Can I tell how the keybinds work?
  • Can I tell how the mouse interacts with the Deploy button?
  • Can I tell where I can preview my character?
  • Can I tell where the customization lies?

Please respond with comments that affect the thread in a positive way.

- CoolAbhi1290, From Bug Bash, Nexted


Hmm… It looks pretty good so far! I think the main problem for me is that there’s a lot of negative space. The background is just one color. I’d say make the background a little bit more interesting rather than one color, but you don’t want to take away from the whole picture if you know what I mean. Easier said than done, that is just my opinion though.


Cant say to much like the style and the feet

We received the same feedback on v3.1 of the home screen, and our answer is the same again: The player will be able to customize their backgrounds.

Thank you for your feedback!