Feedback on New Homestore

Hey, I’m the owner of a clothing group by the name of Roblox HQ. I’ve recently released a homestore and was wondering your thoughts on it. There’s also a side-obby and a little hangout area. As of now, the homestore is pretty small in size due to the number of outfits on sale.

I would love any feedback on what could be added and what to do to gain more exposure. I’m currently spending a few hundred robux on AD’s with an average of 2% CTR. I do have a couple thousand robux in my group and my account but I don’t know how much to spend on advertisements. Please let me know on how much to spend advertising the game.

The homestore was made by: @Useless_Dolphin

Please let me know your thoughts. :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s good, but you could make the characters seem alive and a bit of some UI tweaks
Here’s some examples of alive characters:



Do you know what homestore this is from? It looks gorgeous.

Kestrel. They are a good example.
Game Here.

Yeah, I see what you mean. I’ll keep that in mind.

It’s pretty nice. Has some nice buy/try on GUIs instead of a try on tool which is unique. I like how it’s all laid out, very cozy.

Quick question though: How does the purchases stat work? I’ve been wanting to add one to my own homestore, and I’m wondering if it shows all purchases from the group, or just purchases made ingame. (If it’s a free model that I don’t know about, please link me it, I’d love a copy)

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Hey, I wasn’t the scripter for the purchase stat, however, I can tell you that it only count’s purchases made within the game, not outside. Therefore, if a person was to buy 2 clothes directly from the group store, their stats in-game would remain the same as what it was before they made the purchases.

If you wan’t to ask the scripter himself, this is his profile: @Alexplazz

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You should try adding more space for other clothing you plan on creating for your group to add into the homestore, so there is more choices to pick from.

Other then that, I have to agree with RobGaming_Roblox, make it look more alive just like how those game screenshots they added.

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Really well done, i love the store details and the quality of the clothes are fantastic, good work :clap:

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I like it! I love the obby, along with the models and decor. If I were a critic, I’d suggest adding stands to this area because it looks like the clothing is floating on the wall. Other than that, it looks amazing.

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Okay, thank you so much for the feedback.

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