Feedback on new iteration of game


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The concept is great, however, there’s lots of room for improvement. Seeing as you’re a new developer, (assuming based off your join date) If you are familiar with module scripts and Object Oriented Programming, (OOP) it is important to ensure the functionality of every element in your game under any realistic scenario as you add them.

Of course, in early development, your game will be bug-ridden and feel a little clunky. After every iteration of your project, make sure you’re taking notes of how you may be able to improve the overall structure of the game.

Here’s a few issues I found when playing for a few minutes:

  • Not sure if the name of the nextbot is actually nil or if a script is simply returning nil as a value…


  • I noticed the text overlapping here. Make sure your scripts are properly scaling UI to prevent this.


  • Upon death, my character did respawn but my camera did not reset…


Keep working hard, practice your skills, and do whatever helps you most. Over time, your skillset will grow and you’ll be able to take on larger, more ambitious projects.

I wish you luck on this project and any future projects!! :smile: