Feedback on new logo

I recently made some new logos in the free time of mine. Please comment the feedback
(You can be as harsh as you want)


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Honestly, it’s really good. The colors you used are well since obviously, that is one of the noob default colors.

I assume it’s for a game thumbnail/icon correct? If so, that’s a top front page icon right there you made.

Awesome job and, keep up the great work.

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Thank you so much! I just added some more icons for you to judge!

The icons looks really good, my favourite one is the magnify logo, i’ts honestly very creative. good job!

Thank you for the feedback! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Anytime also sure! :slight_smile:
The second one looks great! BUT consider changing the color of the words since it seems a bit off that it’s almost the same color as the background try playing around with it a bit!

The third one looks amazing. I see no changes you need to do for that one. It’s just amazing like the first one.


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