Feedback on New Open World Game called AirWorld

I was wondering what should I do to this game to make it more interesting. I also need more bug testing so if you find any reply. I attempted to release and none of the testers joined. Here is a brief summary of everything in this game:

  1. PVP
  2. Airships
  3. Cars
  4. Shops
  5. HotBar
  6. Factions
  7. MiniMap
  8. Weather
  9. Airship Fuel
  10. Airship Inventories
  11. Trading
  12. Tutorial
  13. Container building
  14. Robberies
  15. Mining
  16. Tree Cutting

Here is the link to the game: AirWorld

Details of the game:

  1. PVP: When you shoot someone without a bounty you get a bounty if you shoot someone with a bounty you get that bounty. There are 4 guns in the game right now.
  2. Airships: You can fly this ships to other islands and trade eventually. Airships can fly anywhere and are a similar speed to cars.
  3. Cars: Similar to Airships but on land. There are 3 cars right now. You can drive these to many places such as the lumber mill.
  4. Shops: You can buys and sell your stuff at shops. These are the main part of the economy. You find these in buildings. They are NPC’s to open them you hold E.
  5. HotBar: You can use this to equip equipment. You can use numbers or click on the item.
  6. Factions: You can make a group and it displays that you are in it and there are permissions in it. You can choose to block joins or friendly fire.
  7. Minimap: Shows where you are and has icons for the shops.
  8. Weather: Clouds move and fog in the mornings.
  9. Airship Fuel: You can fuel your ship with coal you mined. You can also buy coal at a cheap price.
  10. Airship Inventories: You can put stuff inside of Airships for storage. Different Airships have different amounts of storage.
  11. Trading: You can trade by click on someone username on the Leader board and clicking Trade.
  12. You can take the tutorial and to retake it by opening settings.
  13. Container Building: You can store as much stuff as you want in this building.
  14. Robberies: You can go to the bank and open the door and steal the gold. If you open the door it notifies everyone on the server.
  15. Mining: You can mine ores. You can sell this ores at a pretty high price. You can find most of these ores at the cave at the quarry.
  16. Tree cutting: There is a forest you can buy an axe and cut a tree.

Future Features:

  1. Quests
  2. Weather
  3. Bugs
  4. Biomes
  5. Mobile support

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There are alot of features to minor to list here. If its possible please report any bugs or suggestion to the game.


Add pirates n’ stuff. Imagine this, your flying your airship and suddenly you get broadsided and your crew is forced to surrender while vicious pirates board your ship, salvaging everything you had aboard

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This game looks phenomenal by the look of things! I would love to see further development of this game! You just need to improve the UI a bit since I think it looks a bit basic, but really great work on the programming side of things!

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Thank you! Would you want the UI to be more compact? Also have you tried the game?

I would like the UI to be more simplistic rather than filling up the screen! And yes, I have tried the game but did not get to experience it fully! I will do that when I have time!

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I agree. UI a bit big.

I recently tested it and…

Woah, it was epic. Please advertise this tho its gonna be boring alone.
Make the grass a different color (too generic)

It’d be cool if it was napoleanic type stuff.
Right now it looks to bubbly & happy which doesnt fit the game

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Yeah we are planning on advertising after we get mobile support and solve a few bugs so about a week. Currently the issue with that is budget but we will find a way. I’ll see what color would fit the grass better. Currently we were aiming for a 1920’s aesthetic. Maybe better weather will make it look less bubbly and happy.

From your description the game’s economy is based from players selling/buying from NPCs. Making a player-based economy would be much more attractive to players. You could make certain teams/roles which have team-only items that the player must use to obtain resources that only their team can get. You could then implement a trading system or create “shops” which the player could rent out and display their things for sale. Newer players would see older players’ successful shops and would want to play the game to become like them.

Cars shouldn’t be as fast as airships in my opinion but it’s your choice. Players should want to use the main transport of the game to get around easier. A car would be much cheaper than an airship in real life therefore players wouldn’t want to pay much more money for an airship that is the same/similar speed to their car.

Another suggestion would be to create a “value” system for coal. When more players mine coal it could increase in rarity and so players would use cars instead of airships when coal becomes rare and airships when rarity decreases. You could then decrease the rarity of coal after a randomized amount of time.

If you decided to implement a trading system then adding precious/rare resources would encourage players to play for a long time to obtain these resources to sell them to other players. These resources could be used to craft weapons that have higher damage.

Currently we do have a trading system but its not accessible in single player. There are no other major islands yet but that will soon turn. There will be things rarer on some islands than others and sell for more or less. We are planning on adding crafting as well. This will add rare items. Cars are as fast as airships because airships are meant to be movable bases. Also airships are the only things that can go to other islands. We are also planning to add shops in the future. The islands are flying so you must use airships to do inter-island travel. Most people will use cars to go around the island as its more efficient and airships for other islands as its the only way.

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The UI is not placed well since it is overlapping quite a lot. The tutorial’s UI keeps randomly popping up and resetting does not remove it.

So thats what is wrong with tutorials

This game looks very promising!

Something exciting about an open world game is the amount of space you have to create points of interest not only for the player to enjoy, but to orient themselves. After running around for a few minutes, I struggled to see how I would find my way back to the spawn area without the use of a minimap. Always having one visible and unique landmark within your 360° of sight can add a lot to the map’s immersion and flow. You said you’re aiming for a 1920’s aesthetic (tfw you can’t say 20’s anymore lol): how about some water towers, utility lines, grain towers, oil pumps etc.?

I could be wrong, but I get the impression that the level designer(s) are working from the so-called center of the map outwards. Here’s an (or maybe the only) article on a process known as radial level design that you may find helpful. Best of luck!

Interesting read. I like how that person cut down that city into what really mattered. I agree that there should be more landmarks. With the new island we are currently working on there are plenty of landmarks as of right now. I like the idea of water/grain towers. Yes we are try to design the game around a core and some wilderness. On the current island we struggled to try to blend city into forest.

So far I think we have enough landmarks in the wilderness but I think CogCity (The only city right now) should have a landmark as well.

Thanks for your insight!

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