Feedback on new pfp style!

New to this kind of style, feedback appreciated.


It is very well painted, however the body is strange

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the posing? what part of it is strange? I do understand the arms and stuff look odd since i do kinda suck at drawing humans since I havent really studied how to draw humans and the composition and stuff. Lmk if you know anyway to make it better or tips to make it better.

I would only recommend making the torso a little longer and with less shape since it is very square, from there on out everything incredible


The cat necklace isn’t the same blend as the other accessories making the actual necklace stand out too much. The overall looks of it is pretty neat. Not my personal favourite style but I’m sure many other people will appreciate this, good job!

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Alright thanks! Heavily appreciated :smiley:

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Alright i took a look at it, thanks for the feedback.

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Please lead with that next time, calling it strange without backing it up with helpful criticism is simply not enough information for the artist to then learn from.

Though I do agree with you in the sense it is out of proportion, but is he actually going for a realistic look, or a more abstract kind of art, or something in between, I wish he added more details.

I do like how he is blending color warmth nicely together with cooler and warmer tones not colliding. However, this could look a lot more dramatic and cinematic if he were to add a bit more contour to the overall look. More noticeably the neck, the actual item is a big box that would indeed make a bigger shadow with the lighting he currently has. Maybe more shadows and blacks could be added to the armpits and cubital fossa (opposite side of the elbow), to give a more dynamic and natural look or if done to an exquisitely extreme extent, a cinematic look to the overall image.

Hopefully, this helps a bit.:slight_smile: )

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Besides from the arms though, they need a bit more shading underneath the elbows.

Other then that, it looks good.

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Alright thanks! Im actually gonna go ahead and take a screenshot of that, helps alot! I just aimed for a cleaner version with no lines and stuff. So the shading was just what I wanted to do. Thanks again for the ideas!

Ok, Thank you for the critique!

yes, I’m so sorry and thank you

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It is good, but something about the body seems off

Never really seen any profile picture like that, so very original and unique!

Maybe try make the background ‘blend’ with the avatar? I think they just look a bit separated currently.

but overall great work! :slight_smile:

the background is really distracting and blends in with the character too much. the shading on the person is very realistic however this looks cartoon-ish. either pick realistic or cartoon-ish because that’s how you’ll decide your shading to be. the anatomy is very awkward so learn how to draw bodies before you jump into huge drawings like this next time. also, posing is very awkward considering i’ve never seen someone stand like that. you’re making it very obvious you don’t know how to draw hands when you drew them with a hoodie, put one hand in the pocket and one behind the head. also, the hoodie looks to have no wrinkles–which is very unlikely and uncommon.