Feedback on New Showcase Game

So I started this brand new showcase game that I’ve been trying to expand. I only have one building so far, but I need some feedback on certain aspects of the game. For instance:

  • Is there too many blocks that might affect performance?

  • What can I do to increase immersion

  • How can I improve the lighting?

  • Any general feedback, opinions, or suggestions

Game Link: Brooklyn [SHOWCASEtest] - Roblox


Looks fine so far, worry about optimization later on though. Here’s a thread on lag reducing tips though which will come in handy:

Well, since it’s a showcase of your builds and usually don’t have much scripting going on, I’d say you could make functioning vending machines or just little interactable things around the map like that, nothing too too crazy unless you’d turn it into an rp game or something.

Can’t think of much for now as it looks good enough.

Nope, but mostly love how the building exterior looks! Very nice and detailed.


Thanks for the feedback, this will really help with the showcase!