Feedback on new style of gfx

Hey recently i have been testing out new styles of gfx and so far this is my most favorite one and one of my most favorite gfx please give feedback as this is my first gfx i have released in a while plus because i love this style and i want to know if you do! here it is:

EDIT: i made the render in blender then edited in

Could you upload it as an image? It won’t let me open it.

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sorry about that i saved it as pdn not png

I don’t see anything at all…
This is really harmful. I cannot see anything that the thumbnail is talking about, which can harm your game.

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Thanks for the feedback; your wrong (jk) no

It’s alright. The lighting on the characters is too dim and saturated, making it hard to tell what they’re actually doing or what they look like. Without prior knowledge on what Operation Overlord is, many will be confused.

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the lighting is meant to be dim and saturated sorry i didn’t make that clear also the characters are not doing anything its meant to be your imagination same for what they look like with the clues you have again sorry i didn’t make that clear.