Feedback on new update to game AirWorld - V1

After working on this update for ~3 months. It’s ready to be released. This updates goal was to add new level of polish. We also wanted to add more purpose to the menial task of flying Airships (the core of the game). To achieve that goal we have added a new island called ‘Desert Island’ I know we are very creative. We also attempted to add polish by adding dynamic weather and dynamic clouds. With the addition of the new Island we also had to add Biomes. We have added a new heist into the game that is called ‘The Pyramid Heist’. This heist adds many new jewels and loot only found in the pyramid. The final notable things that comes with this update is the new car called the Jeep. Its fast and mobile with plenty seats for all.
The link to the game on Roblox: Aiworld Public Beta

  1. Weather
  2. Biomes
  3. New desert island
  4. New city
  5. New car Jeep
  6. Pyramid heist
  7. Polish
  8. Docking rework
  9. Tutorial polish
  10. Much much more

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This update we plan to start marketing after nearly a year of development tell us any suggestions for more fun game play. This also marks the beginning for beta after a long alpha. We hope to look for ways to improve the game. Don’t be afraid to criticize as its welcomed here.

Played your game and it’s pretty good. If you don’t mind sharing, how much robux have you earned off it?

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