Feedback on Nighttime GFX

Personal Artwork

Out of all the pieces I’ve made, I would say that I had the most fun working on this one. Critiques and comments are welcome!

Old (Made in 2022):

  • Flat, plain lighting
  • Background doesn’t blend well with the foreground
  • Comic Sans signature lol
  • Scene is mostly empty
  • Composition is static and boring

Woah damn, i love the lighting.


Wow, this looks outstanding!

The realistic walls and moon fit in very well with the character and the scythe (at least that’s what I think it is, sorry if I named it wrong)


How do you make the effects?? It looks amazing

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I drew the “fire” particles in Photoshop and combined them with stock effects I found on Google.

Wow, that looks very good! You have improved a lot. I like the style and coloring of the night GFX!


I suggest removing some of the effects on the weapon because it looks like it’s transparent.

After reviewing the effects, I couldn’t find anything out of place. Could you elaborate on your critique?